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Top Ten Weird Words

Ah, words. A writer's best friend. But, while most are useful and help you craft amazing stories, there are some that are incredibly bizarre. Below is my top ten picks for weirdest words. In no particular order, let's get on with it.
10. Yclept
This means 'By the name of' or 'called'.

9. Wanweird
This means 'Misfortune' or 'An unhappy fate'.

8. Honourificabilitudinitatibus 
This means 'With honour'.

7. Pogonotomy
The act of cutting a beard.

6. Runcation
Meaning 'the act of weeding'.

5. Gongoozler
This means 'an idle spectator'.

4. Zenzizenzizenzic
Meaning 'A number raised to the eighth power'.

3. Abecadarian
Meaning someone who is learning the alphabet.

2. Adoxography
Skilled writing on an unimportant subject.

1. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian
According to the Urban Dictionary, this pertains to a very long word.

You may, of course, go ahead and use these in your writing, but beware. Most people won't have the faintest i…

Story Cafe: Defying Expectations.


See, here's the thing. When writing a character, you need to defy expectations. Whether it is by writing an interesting damsel-in-distress, or a knitting needle-wielding granny, you want your characters to pleasantly surprise the reader.
Let us take our knitting needle-wielding granny, for example. We'll call her Rosa. Rosa likes to knit. In fact, she is a champion knitter. World renowned. But in the night-time she puts those skills to a completely different use. Assassination.
How much more interesting is that, than a simplistic grandma that spends her days (and nights) knitting and being a sweet old lady who'd never hurt a fly? Significantly more. That's the answer. I want a story about Rosa, not that lady. Rosa naturally creates a conflict in the story. Whether she is the protagonist or the antagonist, she'll drive that story.
That's what your character should …

Bout of Books

Hello readers! This month I shall be doing the Bout of Books Read-a-thon. This is basically a challenge to read more than I normally would in ten days. I'm starting a little late, but it shouldn't take me too long to catch up. It was supposed to start on the 12th of May, but I'm starting on the 13th. It will end on the 18th of May. Below is a basic layout of what I'm going to do, using the template provided on the Bout of Books blog. Here's the link: Time Devoted to Reading Everyday, hopefully. 
My GoalsI will be reading three books. I would have more, but I have four exams next week, so I shan't have much time. I will aim to update this blog everyday, with how far I've gotten in the Read-a-thon.  Books to Read'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman,'Severed Heads, Broken Hearts' by Robyn Schneider 'Out of the Silent Planet' by CS Lewis

Short Story

So I was given a few words as a prompt for a short story. This is the story that was build from that. Hope you enjoy it. 

Words: Love Knife Battle Pain Sunlight
Dya shifted the bag slung over her shoulder, as she squinted through the sunlight at the ground. Stepping carefully, she managed to get past the mud without too much trouble. She kept her eyes on the ground though. If she didn’t, she would see It. She felt a hand on her shoulders, and glanced up. Hal was watching her, his brown eyes gentle. “You okay?” he asked cautiously. He had every right to be cautious after he almost received a knife to the face. When she had awoken following the battle, he’d been there. And he’d been the one to tell her that her brother was dead. She hadn’t meant to throw the knife. It had left her before she realised what she was doing. Then she’d cried. A lot. She’d scared him. She knew that well enough. All she could think at the time was that her brother, that she had loved so much, was gone. And it hurt. It …