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NaNo Week 1

Hey guys!

NaNoWriMo has hit and I've been doing...not horrifically? It's not going awfully and I'm pretty happy with where I am at the moment.

In case you've forgotten, I'm writing Ghosts, Doughnuts and Other Related Things for NaNoWriMo. Click on the link if you need more information.

There's not too much to recap right now, since we've only had a few days of November so far. Now, without further ado, my word counts.


Day 1

On day one, I hit 2252 words by the end of the day. I kind of wish I had more, but I was doing a lot that day, including visiting friends and such and we didn't make it home until about nine in the evening. And that's when I started writing. 
So 2252 words for this day.

Day 2

On day two, I hit a more respectable 4750 words. I had a bit more time to write this day, so I could focus better. And it actually came quite quickly, I knew where I was going with the story so I didn't slow down too much. 
A good day.

Day 3

On day three, I hit 4183 words. Again, more respectable, although I didn't write much in the evening and I probably could've done more. But eh, I'm happy with it. 

And all of these days added up to 11185 words over the three days. Which is more than I needed, technically, so I'm pretty happy with it. My aim for this month is to finish the novel I started -  which I've never done before, with NaNo. Normally I just hit the 50000 words then collapse into a pile of goo. But not this year! 

So I need more words each day in order to hit my goal. 

Why did I decide to do this, I hear you ask? Clearly, I felt that NaNoWriMo wasn't challenging enough, so I had to make it harder.

I have no regrets*.

*I lie, I have all the regrets.


So because I apparently have no shame and no sense of hiding my terrible first draft from public, have some snippets!

Reinette Doesn't Have Normal Reactions

Reinette, please. Also, Reinette is so much fun to write from the point-of-view of. So much fun.

Barnabas Is A Nerd

Barnabas is also too much fun to write.

A Snippet I've Already Shared, So Here

Have I mentioned that I love writing these characters? Because I do. 

And that's my first few days of NaNoWriMo. I'd say it's going pretty well. Let's see how next week goes!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Where are you with your word count? Any interesting snippets? Put them down in the comments below.


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