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The Writer's 'When You Learn More About Me' Questionnaire + Five Facts About My WIP

Hey guys!

So we're into December! And that means Christmas! Exciting stuff. For this month, I've got a couple of posts planned, but for the most part we'll kind of chill a bit, okay? I'm (obviously) posting this week and next week, but the week after that I'm going on break for two weeks for Christmas. And then I'll be back on the last week with my December Wrap-Up.

So I was wondering what I could do for this week and I decided that I'd *cough*finally*cough* get around to filling in a couple of tags that I was tagged in by Deborah Kelty

Me? Fail at everything? Why yes, thank you for noticing.

So we'll start with the 'Ten Questions About Me' questionnaire, then move on to the second one. Here we go.

Q1: What was the first story you remember writing?

I'm not sure, since this was way back when I was three, but I'm pretty sure it was about a king, a queen and a princess who all died in the end. Also, I'm pretty sure there was a ring involved. I hadn't even read Lord of the Rings at this point, for obvious reasons, but I was ripping it off anyway.

Q2: Where do you gain your inspiration? 

All sorts of places. Music is a major one, which is why I make playlists for all of my stories. I love music. Pinterest is also a big one. I can surf Pinterest for hours and I have a special Story Inspiration board on my account where I pin ideas. Taking in media is very helpful too, reading books and watching films and tv shows. I get so many ideas just watching an episode of Doctor Who. 10/10, would recommend. 

Q3: Who/What exactly encouraged you to become a writer?

My family's always been really encouraging, but other than that, just my favourite books and wanting to be able to write like that. I've always loved writing, so I really didn't need much encouragement to do it.

Q4: If you had a choice between past or present tense to use, which one would you pick?

It really depends on the story and on how I'm feeling. If I've been writing a story with present tense for a while, I'll instinctively write everything in present tense, but it works the other way round too. 

But, because this question calls for an actual answer, I'd probably say present tense. It's the one I prefer at the moment, because my main draft is written in present tense, so I'm overwhelmingly spending more time in it. 

Q5: Do you have some type of "kryptonite" weakness?

My physical disability stops me from writing as much as I'd like, but it's probably just making me write a normal amount, so I mean...

In terms of my actual's those dang villains. How do people not overwhelmingly sympathise with their villains?! I don't understand. I make a villain, then I wonder why they're doing what they're doing, then I over-develop them, then I feel bad for them. 

Dear fellow writers, how the heck do you write irredeemable villains. I seem to be incapable of it. Strange considering that my novels tend to be pretty dark and violent. 

Q6: On the flip side, do you have a type of "superman" strength?

....I mean, I've been told I'm pretty good at dialogue? But I don't know if that's actually true across the board or not. I'm an expert procrastinator, maybe that's mine. 

Q7: Are there any guilty pleasures of yours?

I don't tend to feel guilty over the things I enjoy. If I like something, then I like it. But I guess, maybe I like Disney XD shows and find them ridiculously enjoyable, even though they're actually rubbish.

Q8: Is there a genre of media/entertainment you've not seen but want to try out one day?

I'd love to try out horror at some point. I own Stephen King's IT in novel form, so hopefully I can get to reading that behemoth and then kind of get to grips with the genre. I do love a tinge of horror in my media - my favourite Batman comics are the ones that dip into horror territory. 

Q9: And finally, what is your favourite writing snack?

I'm not sure, probably tea? Because I am a true British stereotype, dang it!
Also, I like olives. And grapes. And coleslaw.
Me? Weird? Whatever would make you say something like that?

Q10: So, would you do more Q&A's like this?

I mean, I'm terrible at them, but sure. Tags are easy blogposts!

And that is that one done! Now onto the second. 

So for this, I have to give out five facts about my WIP. And for this, I'm going to waffle on about my novel Asteria, which...I have not talked much about on this blog for some reason.

I will eventually make a full post explaining this novel, but for now, you just need to know that it's science-fiction (kind of) and it's about a teenage mess of feelings called Minerva who's very stabby and doesn't understand emotions and friendship.

Here, see the Pinterest Board for it:

And on we go!

Fact 1

It's set in a fictional solar-system almost a thousand years after humans colonised it. The system is essentially run by the Valarian Republic, a supposedly-democratic government with elected representatives from each colony and group of people who meet in the Senate.

The Senate is kind of the most back-stabby place ever. Yes, that is poison in your cup, probably shouldn't drink it.

Fact 2

There's a crew of nerds who have no idea what they're doing, all have the most tragic backstories and who all kind of low-key adopt the teenage mess that is Minerva. 
Minerva has no idea how to cope with this.

Fact 3

There's a desert planet called Samoia that has a natural disaster native to it called the Samon. It's basically a planetary monsoon that covers the whole planet and refills the empty rivers and wells. 
The native Ryoans believe that it's sent by the water god, Ryoji.

Fact 4

Ten years before the novel begins, a species of people are slaughtered by the Republic. This has major ramifications on the system as a whole. It leaves the whole place politically unstable.

Fact 5

There's a floating country called Tirvah within the atmosphere of the ice planet, Everarin. It's a cool place, albeit under occupation since their king had no chill and yelled at the Republic leaders in the middle of the Senate meeting. As a result of Fact 4, to be specific. See, told you it had a big effect.

And that is the end of this week's post! A pretty big one, really, but there you go. Sorry, Deborah, for taking literally forever to catch up and do this. I fail.

When it comes to tagging, I have literally no blogging connections, so if you want to do these tags, go ahead and do them. I tag you all.

What did you think of this week's post? Do you have a WIP you're working on? Tell me a fact about your WIP in the comments below.


  1. You have a few superhero gifts.
    1. You have been able to read a page of writing in seconds since you were 4.
    2. You can type and think at an incredible speed. 3 hour University exams completed in less than an hour at age 13.
    3. Your brain is so full of story ideas that you can't sleep, ok this may be a negative.

  2. That's okay, Esther! I mainly do tags just for fun and get more connected with other writers, so don't worry if it took awhile. I get a lot of encouragement from my family as well that they even follow my blog, so that's easy to relate. And Asteria sounds really cool, by the way. Keep it up! :D


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